Saturday, 10 October 2009

X-Factor Live Finals, part 2

Welcome back. It's Rickayyyyyyyy!

Oh my God, he isn't wearing a hat - despite going through an entire milliner's stock in the opening VT. He has to 'connect' with the audience, which apparently means opening his eyes. Oh, I spoke too soon. Here comes the hat. He's going back to black, and making me wish that Amy Winehouse would speed up her recovery. It's OK, but he looks like a marionette missing the strings. Simon didn't like it, maybe he's trying to make him cry. Again. Cheryl's "reyt" behind him, which must be quite a relief. Last time a 'jazzy young Scot' appeared on this stage, we ended up with Leon Jackson, and we all know how that turned out.

Hello Stacey - you still can't believe it can you?

She's rambling at Robbie and he's looking a bit scared. The stylists have made her look about ten years older, and all the subtlety of her voice has disappeared into a muddy mix. The high notes are nice but it's not quite hanging together. She seems so sweet and humble, I'd like to see her chew the head off a live animal, just to show that she can. Simon is using the word 'potentially' - what's the betting we'll hear that again before the night is over? Oh, we just did.

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