Sunday, 18 October 2009

Keep it to yourself

Candy Spelling is horrified, and it's not because she's seen pictures of Tori in a push-up bra. She's only just realised that, while she's been busy berating her daughter for bringing shame on the family, the world of celebrity has moved on and embraced social networking as a way to connect with fans.

Let's be clear, Candy most definitely does not approve. Writing on Huffington Post, Candy objects to the 'new media landscape' and encourages her fellow celebrities to rely on 'publicists and agents and managers' (oh my!) for all their communication needs.

Of course, that's not to suggest that Facebook and Twitter are a bad thing per se - as Candy sees it, they an still be 'terrific promotional vehicles for Hollywood'. In fact, they only become a problem when 'human emotions' become involved.

It's hardly surprising that Candy objects to human emotion, given that she displays all the maternal instinct of a wolf spider. But it's strange that Candy should be so aghast at the idea of celebs airing their dirty dry-cleaning in public, given her habit of writing open letters to Tori about her many shortcomings and posting them on TMZ.

Maybe next time she wants to share her condescending viewpoint with the wider world, she should run it past a publicist first. After all, the new media landscape that she's so wary of, can be very unforgiving. Much like Candy herself.

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