Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Move over Jessica Rabbit

Despite its reputation as a purveyor of wholesome family entertainent, populated with anthropomorphised animals and sing-a-long songs, Disney has a positively progressive approach to diversity that leaves other studios in the shade.

Although uncle Walt had a right-wing world view that even Fox News would struggle to justify, the company he left behind enjoys a far more tolerant reputation, particularly when it comes to the gays.

Conservatives hate the fact that the magnetic north of family entertainment, Walt Disney World in Orlando, has been staging unofficial 'Gay Days' for twenty years now. During the first week of June, LGBT fans of animation, thrill rides and ducks who are naked from the waist down, run amok in the Magical Kingdom.

And this fun-packed tradition is sure to continue with this week's news that Disney has appointed its first gay studio chief, Rich Ross. Although Disney hasn't made a big deal about Ross' proclivities, journalists seem to think that this is because the company, quite rightly, doesn't care whether its new boss prefers the speedway or the teacups.

However, the limits of Disney's homo-tolerance are likely to be tested by new artwork creayed by Israeli conceptual artist David Kawena. In a bizarre gallery posted at, David has given some of his favourite Disney characters a decidedly homo-erotic makeover.

Sporting bulging briefs, glinting weapons and come-hither glances, these decidedly non-canon interpretations will have Walt spinning in his cryonic freezer.

After all, Disney characters are supposed to be sexless, like Barbie dolls or the Jonas Brothers. Hell, Aladdin didn't even have nipples. And yet the weirdest aspect of these pictures is that Zac Efron looks more two-dimensional than his cartoon counterparts.

But it's not the overt sexuality that will upset the powers-that-be at Disney, it's the fact that the characters are appearing in ensembles not approved by the official character costume guides.

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  1. Aladdin didn't have nipples? I'm so looking at that movie again....crazy!