Saturday, 12 December 2009

We're on the home straight

Stacey (I decided to spell her name correctly for a change) has just belted out 'Who Wants To Live Forever' which was one of her better performances from earlier in the series. She looks like she's been raiding Cheryl's wardrobe, with a long flowing dress that's been cut away at the front to show off her legs. Must be cold up there with the wind machine turned up to 11. She'll have quite a draft up her gusset.

Quick, let's go back to Dagenham and hear a bunch of BNP voters screaming Stacey's name. These location visits are really painful - surely we could lose them and shave a bit off the unnecessary running time.

Despite the fact that Robbie Williams joked about Simon's poor grasp on percentages, King Flathead has just introduced Olly with the promise of 150 percent. Louis has admitted he finds Olly sexy. Now there's an image that'll be scorched onto my retinas for aeons. The judges don't seem particularly convinced that Olly will be in the final. Maybe it's because the performances are bigger than the voice, and we do like a belter on these shows. 

Joe is really working the Elton John songbook tonight, but if it ain't broke don't go jamming a screwdriver in it. The falsetto isn't really working, but the rest of it is so good I doubt anyone will notice. It felt a little downbeat, perhaps the choir got stuck behind that malfunctioning door. I hope they're alright.


  1. do you think that having michael, robbie and george on the show means that the "industry" are now fully supportive of the x factor and don't feel that simon has cut the throat of the music industry and is drinking its still warm blood?

  2. I think we both know the answer to that. Aren't they all signed to Sony anyway?