Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's my night to howl

It's not easy being a teenager. Exams, peer pressure, Justin Bieber - sometimes it can all get a bit much. So it's hardly surprising that young adolescents try to forge connections with like-minded people, even if the rest of the world doesn't understand.

In San Antonio, Texas, a group of kids have found an unusual way of bonding. And one thing's for sure, the Twilight series has a lot to answer for.

In the second movie (which was about as entertaining as trying to read a water-damaged Haynes manual), our lip-bitey heroine Bella hooked up with Jacob and his often-shirtless gang. As she eventually discovered (about 90 minutes after everyone else), it turns out that they're not just homoerotically charged pals.

These boys also have lupine tendencies, turning into poorly-rendered werewolves ever time something got their dander up. After several months mooning over a clinically depressed vampire, Bella found a new lease on life with her animalistic chums.

Something in that turgid movie must have struck a chord with the kids in San Antonio, as they've established their very own wolf-pack.

At first glance they look like any other group of badly-dressed emo kids with too much guyliner and lank hair. But on closer inspection, you notice their contact lenses, pointy teeth and wagging tails. OK, the lenses and teeth aren't too bad, but the tails are ridiculous, looking like they've stuffed Basil Brush down the back of their Diesels.

Oh, and they sometimes howl. Seriously. Thankfully, the kids' mums don't seem too concerned by their lycanthropic larks, and even the school counsellor reckons it's all just a healthy form of social expression. Then again, their worst crimes seem to be an astonishing lack of self-awareness and a propensity for hanging out at the mall.

If nothing else, this news story will at least give the writers of the new Teen Wolf remake plenty of useful reference material. Van-surfing is so twenty years ago.

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