Monday, 24 May 2010

Saturday Night's Alright for Mincing

Next time you feel like popping down to your local pub for a pint of Ruddles and a bag of pork scratchings, best be sure that you've got your macho swagger on. Gays will be tolerated, but only if they're willing to play it straight.

The Mirror ran a story yesterday about a village pub in Bedworth, Warwickshire, that advertised a forthcoming Elton John act with a less-than-complimentary billboard that read "This Saturday!! Elton John (tribute). Gay's welcome but no mincing."

Understandably, there's been something of an outcry, not least because it looks as though the sign writer learned his punctuation from Katie Price's Twitter feed.

The pub's landlord was quick to respond to the controversy, arguing "Our bar manager is gay and he was the one who did the sign. If we've offended anyone then we're sorry."

Fair play to the sign's creator, he did helpfully point out that this was a tribute act and not the original 'tantrums and tiaras' megastar. You know, just in case anyone turned up expecting the real thing.

Besides, it's not as though gays are banned - as the sign says, they're quite welcome. They're just asked to refrain from any outward displays of gayness. Presumably this was simply so as not to overshadow the star turn.

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