Saturday, 1 May 2010

They work hard for the money

Historically, the porn industry has always been keen to try new things, and I don't just mean docking or DVDA. Streaming content, direct downloads, even 3D movies, have all benefited from those industrious pornographers willing to explore new technology before it hits the mainstream.

Strangely though, there's one aspect of digital technology where the porn industry is lagging behind, and that's in protecting its assets. According to various reports, the proliferation of piracy is really hurting the porn producers' bottom line - which is kind of ironic given how many bottoms they've hurt over the decades.

The Adult Entertainment Trade Association believes that sales are down by about 30 percent, and so they've commandeered some of the industry's brightest/dirtiest stars to encourage fans to pay for their porn. Rather than downloading dodgy copies, they want viewers to put some cash in their wank banks.

The advent of online porn 'tube' sites and file sharing networks has caused revenue to drop faster than a pair of crotchless panties. And that means that sideline businesses, such as make-up artists, set-designers and fluffers, are feeling the squeeze too.

The AETA has shot a new film using a host of big industry names (mostly made-up ones, unless people really do call their kids Sinnamon Love) to encourage viewers to do the right thing. You know, before they start doing the wrong thing.

You may be able to take the girl out of porn, but it seems that it's much more difficult to take the porn out of the girl. The dialogue is littered with innuendo and double meaning, as the performers talk about "making a living selling something", "making it harder for performers" and "activity that could be potentially criminal".

One starlet even remembers to sensuously remove her glasses and shake out her hair, although thankfully the video cuts away before her top gets unbuttoned. And despite the fact that the video has been posted to YouTube, the final performer reminds viewers that "We made it just for you." Of course they did.

As Julie Meadows points out - "We pay taxes and contribute to local economies." She's right. Without the unstinting support and investment of the pornographers, the baby oil, leather harness and plumbing supplies industries would be in a very different position. Reverse cowgirl perhaps?

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