Friday, 5 March 2010

Caution, bumps ahead

Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm an advocate of alliteration. So imagine my joy when I discovered that there's a disfiguring genital condition called 'pearly penile papules'. Then imagine my disgust when I saw pictures of it.

Groinal disorders aren't a regular topic on p0pvulture (unless you count the regular references to Paris and Katie), but there's a reason for their inclusion today. 21-year old Tyler Bowling is suing American TV network CBS for exposing him (not like that) on a show called The Doctors.

Apparently, Bowling was concerned that little Tyler was a little too 'ribbed for her pleasure' and hoped that an appearance on the show would be rewarded with free surgery to have his pearly papules removed. Problem is, it didn't occur to him that people might actually watch the show.

So despite the fact that he chose to talk about his coral-covered cock on national TV, he wants CBS to pay for the fact that he has subsequently suffered "relentless embarrassment and harassment" in the form of calls and emails. The way he tells it, he was "tricked" into appearing on the show, where he discussed his penile problems and then watched with a grimace as a cucumber had its bumps slowly lasered away.

If anything, Bowling should be happy that he lives in a country that would never dream of showing actual reproductive organs on TV - vegetables are about as explicit as it gets.

Here in the UK, we get Dr Christian Jessen and his pals, who aren't happy unless they're prodding away at a pair of scaly breasts, cupping someone's balls or wiping unspeakable amounts of gunk from their nether regions. Channel 4's 'Embarrassing Bodies' doesn't shy away from the gory details - you can't help but wonder what makes people want to disrobe and bend over in front of a camera crew. It must make for some pretty awkward conversations at work the following day.

Tyler may have been teased for his appearance, but at least he was spared any humiliating close-ups. In the end, he just got to sit in the studio audience, answer a few questions and watch as a dermatologist started preparing a Greek salad. Not that different from being a guest on Saturday Kitchen really.

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  1. I'm so glad u wrote about this cos I've always had a burning question about Embarrassing Bodies - How the bloody hell do they get people to go on it??????

    I used to work in telly and believe me most people know not to go anywhere near a TV crew cos all they want is a juicy story and then they'll throw u on the scrap heap.

    Having said that, the American guy's a bit dumb for showing his pearly willy on TV and then suing. As many Americans would say: "Like HELLO???"