Sunday, 3 January 2010

Who's going in?

Given that this is the final year of Big Brother I thought it would be worthwhile writing a live blog as we're introduced to the willing lab rats who'll be making their home in Hertfordshire for the next few weeks.

The press has been filled with stories already about who might be going in, with names ranging from MC Hammer and Pamela Anderson to Jedward and Gazza. We've also been treated to stories already about Alex Reid and Dane Bowers fighting over Jordan at her New Year's Eve party prior to going in...

Davina's wearing a black sheepdog around her shoulders - hardly surprising given that temperatures are lower than the profile of some of the rumoured housemates. Time to look around the house - the kitchen's based on an autopsy room, which is apt considering the long-dead careers attempting a resurrection on the show.

Hey, here's our first housemate - it's Stephen Baldwin, who hasn't done anything of note since the mid-nineties, except find Jesus and go bankrupt. He hosts an evangelical talkshow and plans to show "the light of truth", which should give a pretty good insight into the level of coherence we can expect. Time hasn't been kind to his face - he now looks like Jon Culshaw doing an impression of Alec Baldwin.

Housemate number two is Nicola T, who was once the Sun's Page Three Idol. She's also been on WAG's Boutique and made a WAG's Workout DVD, as well as a single "out this year" - which doesn't exactly fill me with hope for her musical career. The audience are booing her, but that may just be an attempt to keep warm. She walked into the house and found Stephen Baldwin sitting reading the instructions. He looked up and greeted her as though they were meeting in a dentist's reception.

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