Wednesday, 15 April 2009

No Angel...

Here's an unusually grim news story. Pop star Nadja Benaissa has been arrested on suspicion of intentionally infecting a lover with HIV.

Nadia is part of hugely successful girl group No Angels, created by the German version of Popstars back in 2000 - like a teutonic Girls Aloud. Having split in 2003 and reformed four years later, the girls represented their country in the Eurovision Song Contest last year, performing an astonisingly tuneless rendition of their song Disappear in Belgrade. Needless to say, they didn't score very highly and came a well-earned 23rd.

It's since emerged that Nadia spent her downtime from the band having unprotected sex with at least three men, none of whom were aware of her HIV status - I guess it was that or pursue a solo career.

Still, it casts a dark shadow over the sparkly nonsense of Eurovision. Thankfully, I can't imagine Gina G or Cheryl Baker ever turning into black widows of sexually transmitted infection.

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