Friday, 10 April 2009

Li-Lo wants to lie low

Spare a thought for poor Lindsay Lohan. The hasbian-in waiting has announced via Twitter that she and Samantha Ronson are on a break. She's also spoken to E!, stating that "We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself." Which is good to hear, after all those years of selfless do-goodery. So my thoughts go out to the star-crossed girls, in the hope that they'll somehow find the inner resolve to weather the emotional fallout. Or at least the booze cupboard.

As with any relationship breakdown, their respective families rushed to their aid. Via the press and the courtroom. Li-Lo slated the whole Ronson clan on Twitter, and they retaliated by investigating the possibilities of a restraining order.

But I guess that's the nature of modern celebrity. In a recent post about Michael Parkinson, I slated Barnsley's second favourite son (after me of course), for missing the point about the evolving nature of celebrity. Once upon a time, celebrities were mythical creatures, like unicorns and trustworthy politicians, who lived their lives behind closed doors. They engaged public relations companies to keep their secrets. Now, however, it's the opposite. Those same PR gurus (take a bow Max Clifford) are employed to share their secrets. Because celebrity is no longer the side-effect, it's the goal, the career and the reward all rolled into one.

That's why Lindsay felt the best way to tackle the break-up of her relationship was to announce it to the world via Twitter. It's a strange world, but one that I'm unwilling to condemn or celebrate - since I'm also a willing consumer.

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