Monday, 21 June 2010

What difference can one man make?

As Kermit once sang, "It's not easy being green". Those words are probably ringing in the ears of BP Chief Exec Tony Hayward right now, as he struggles to oversee the massive clean-up operation in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP might have a lovely green logo and a big section on its website about 'environment and society', but so far, its attempts to resolve the disastrous oil spill are about as effective as a prison guard cleaning up a dirty protest with nothing more than a KFC moist towelette.

Thankfully, even as the Deepwater Horizon oil field continues to spew forth more toxic sludge than Courtney Love's Twitter feed, help is at hand from a most unlikely source.

This week, a team of dedicated environmental activists in the Castro area of San Francisco did their bit to raise money for the gulf wildlife relief effort, the only way they knew how.

A bunch of well-intentioned gay men stripped down to their underwear and staged a series of wrestling matches, slathered in canola oil. As they got to grips with each other's slippery surfaces on top of a large mattress covered in a plastic sheet, they were cheered on by supportive onlookers, clad only in a clump of strategically placed leaves.

As well as fundraising for the gulf, the "Crude Boys Oil Wrestling" matches were part of a week-long exhibition designed to raise awareness of America's dependence on the black stuff. Not only is canola oil believed to be one of the healthiest cooking oils available, it's a promising source of biodiesel fuel. Of course, it also looks a lot hotter than crude oil when drizzled all over this kind of 'wildlife'.

OK, so it all seems vaguely ridiculous, and little more than excuse for some gratuitous nudity, but it's still a hell of a sight more effective than would-be Vice President Sarah Palin's ideas for solving the problem. The folksy fantasist declared on Twitter that, since nothing else seemed to be working, we should rely on divine intervention instead.
If God was too busy to ensure that his pick for VP made it to the White House, what makes her think that he's got time to hose down a flock of brown pelicans?

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