Friday, 11 June 2010

Good morning, beautiful

It's always nice to get a reminder that those glamorous Hollywood stars are just like the rest of us. They still have to separate their rubbish for the recycling bins, their skin occasionally flares up, and they even get parking tickets when they leave their hazard lights on to nip to the shops.

Now, diehard star-spotters can add another perfunctory moment of ordinariness to their list of celebrity-doings: the walk of shame.

Don't pretend you don't know what it is - skulking home in the early morning, looking like you just lost a hair-pulling fight with Diana Vickers. Still wearing last night's outfit, your breath smells like an ashtray full of cocktail umbrellas, and your underwear is stuffed into your handbag/back pocket (delete as applicable).

Because no-one really goes out expecting to pull. It's just a nice surprise at the end of the evening - even better than finding an empty taxi rank or a KFC that's still open at 3am.

Unfortunately, it means that even though you might have spent the night before looking a million dollars, you come home resembling the loose change down the back of the sofa.

That's a pretty accurate description of how January Jones looked this week, when she was papped clambering out of a cab at 10.30am, following a glittering night out at the perplexingly-titled Oceana World Oceans Day Party. The disheveled mess arriving home the morning after looked nothing like her character Betty Draper, Don's troubled wife in Mad Men.

We all know that the hit AMC show is a triumph of art direction - in the last couple of years Betty has weathered a difficult pregnancy, the death of a parent and a nervous breakdown, without even smudging her lipstick. But the sight of the glacially impeccable Betty Draper, staggering up her lawn with a black bra poking out the back of her cocktail dress, shows us just how much work must go into the show. It's no wonder they clean up whenever the awards season rolls around.

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