Monday, 21 September 2009

All change. Again

Well boys and girls, I bet no-one saw that coming did they?

The Sugababes have just released an official statement confirming two-thirds of what we already knew. One of the girls is leaving the battle-weary band, and Eurovision toothpick Jade Ewen is joining them to take their place.

But in a shocking twist worthy of a Melrose Place cliff-hanger, it's founding member Keisha Buchanan who's thrown in the refreshing moist towelette in order to pursue a solo career.

In the US, Puerto Rican boyband Menudo lasted over 30 years by regularly evolving its line-up, making it more like a college fraternity than a conventional band. Maybe Sugababes will follow a similar template - it's a surefire way to make sure they outlast Girls Aloud, the Saturdays and all the other pretenders to their crown.

And if Keisha's solo career follows in the footsteps of ex-bandmate Mutya, at least she can always find work as a Rihanna bobblehead doll.

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