Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sack the researchers

Thanks, once again, to the Mail on Sunday for yet another extraordinarily lazy piece of 'churnalism' based on blind speculation and a willingness to ignore the facts.

In today's paper they ran yet more pictures from the New York set of the forthcoming Sex and the City 2, showing Kristin Davis as permanently peppy Charlotte York, along with insinuations that the actress appears unnaturally fresh-faced.

The much publicised sequel to the surprise smash hit (surprising in that no-one in Hollywood realised that women watch movies too) reunites the whole gang for more sex talk, uneaten lunches and shoe porn.

One of the key scenes currently being filmed is a flashback sequence set in the 1980s, that allows all the show's lead actresses to showcase a range of 'hilariously' dated outfits, only marginally worse than most of the clobber Sarah Jessica Parker modelled in the long-running TV show. SJP herself looks like a basketball player on his way to a fancy dress party as Madonna, whereas Kim Catrall seems to be channeling a grandma who charges by the hour.

As for Charlotte, well, she just looks the same. Peppy, fresh-faced and twee, with a cashmere sweater draped around her neck. But those keen-eyed journalists have spotted a difference, pointing out telling patches between her eyes and hairline.

The Mail speculates that, despite a lifelong fear of needles, Davis may have had a big date with Mr Botox. They even go so far as to point out that she has been "praised in the past for being one of a handful of Hollywood stars who manage to maintain their looks without cosmetic surgery", thereby sealing her fate as a vain hypocrite.

The problem is, it's quite clear from the photos that the film-makers have simply fallen back on the easiest way to shave 20-plus years off anyone's appearance - using a combination of face tape and wigs. And since the Daily Mail already ran pictures of Davis appearing in the flashback scenes, they know exactly why she looks younger than usual.

In the end, it's easy to understand why the Daily Mail has such an obsession with Botox - after all, they're both just regular injections of poison designed to make people ever-more fearful of getting old.

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  1. I totally agree with your comments on the Daily Mail.

    However, back to the movie - why oh why did they put this bizarre flashback scene into the movie anyway??!!! It takes them back to the eighties where the characters would have to be at least twenty years younger. Is the scene done tongue in cheek? Else, it will be beyond a farce. I mean, SJP already looks beyond her forty odd years anyway and no amount of perming will hide that...the audience will have to have a heavy dosage of suspension of disbelief for it to work. The only exception is, as you have said, Miss Davis. She does seem to have an exceptional ability to just not age. Good on her I say!

    I wonder what else will happen in the 80s scene - I have to say, I am secretly looking forward to it. Maybe they will re-enact a comedy rendition of the audition scene in 'Flashdance' as Carrie tries to 'make it in the big smoke' or we might see a youthful, wide eyed Mr Big tending bar in some 'hip' bar in Soho that doesn't serve Sea Breezes or Cosmopolitans. Who knows. We all know, that regardless of how much we make fun of it, we will all be going to see it...maybe in a pair of legwarmers.