Monday, 27 July 2009

The pictures of Doreen Gray*

A couple of alarming pictures have been printed in today's papers that highlight the level of photoshopping talent currently residing in record companies and advertising agencies around the world.

Two women, at either end of the fabulous fifties, and often applauded for their age-defying appearances, have been snapped looking rather more ordinary than we're used to.

Twiggy, a woman who has represented fashion and glamour for over forty years looks like she should be buying frozen sausage rolls in Somerfield. And Madonna, whose yoga and exercise regime would put a pentathlete to shame has been snapped modelling Gollum's biceps. Somewhere in a greenscreen studio, Andy Serkis is practicing his 'Vogue' moves.

On the one hand, these unauthorised images should make regular women feel a little more contented about their own battles with the ageing process. But equally, they prove just how much artifice exists in our image-obsessed world. Suddenly that mirror doesn't seem quite so intimidating, does it?

* It's a joke

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