Thursday, 30 July 2009

Paris and Pixels

Time to rejoice, as Paris Hilton lays claim to yet another media platform in her quest for global domination. This time, she's leveraged her international celebrity to launch a new game for mobile phones in India.

Despite a title that makes Paris sound like she's challenging Indiana Jones as the world's pre-eminent treasure-hunter, Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest is actually a Bejeweled-style game that involves lining up three jewels of the same colour. Oddly enough, the game would have worked just as well with brain cells, but may have been tougher to market.

The game also features lots of images of "Hilton parading her jewels", which can't have been too challenging for her, since she already made a video doing just that. Players are teasingly invited to 'hop on board her private jet and travel the globe' in search of new and precious jewels. Move over Tomb Raider right?

But as riveting as all of this sounds, what's really interesting is that Paris seems to have finally found the ideal platform to present her brand - after all, mobile phone games are notorious for being mindless, irritating and poorly rendered. Much like the monotone, finger-nosed thought-vacuum herself.

Still, credit where credit's due - the girl knows how to self-promote. She's currently touting a new documentary called Paris, Not France where she aims to recast herself as the brain behind the brand. Claiming that 'Paris Hilton' is just a ditzy character she created, the 'real' Paris is apparently not a slut or an airhead.

So Paris and her mother Kathy found it particularly hard seeing Hilton Jr's most notorious moment referenced in the film. Speaking at a red carpet screening in LA, Kathy told reporters "It's very tough...I can't believe they kept that part in there. I thought they kept that part out. It's going to be very hard for us to watch." This is obviously a woman who never had to sit through a season of The Simple Life.

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