Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Liberty Ex

Talk about 'physician heal thyself'. Having tried her french-tipped hand at singing, presenting and marrying into the Scott-Lee clan to maintain her fame, tangerine dream Michelle Heaton has found a new career. For just €200 an hour, you could employ the luminous lovely to give you a top-to-toe style makeover.

Having recently won tens of new fans by acting like a petulant perma-victim in this year's Celebrity Big Brother, Michelle has turned her 'unique' fashion sense into job she can really sink her expensive veneers into.

Unfortunately, trade may prove less than brisk, since Michelle regularly found herself at the top of the charts (in Heat's Worst Dressed list). In fact, she never met a gaudy print, ill-fitting boob tube or bedazzled thong that she didn't like. With a personal look that's less 'footballers' wives' and more footballer's cheap mistress, Michelle is a curious choice for celebrity stylist. Perhaps Anne Widdicombe had already been snapped up.

I suppose we shouldn't really be surprised that Michelle has shown the tenacity to land this new role, given her expertise as a professional celebrity. In the past she's appeared in Celebrity Wrestling, Celebrity World Cup Soccer Six, Celebrity Weakest Link, Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Celebrity Big Brother and The Celebrity Agency. In fact, she's been doing it so long that most people would have trouble recalling how she achieved fame in the first place. Thankfully, those of us with poor memories were reminded back in March when she publicly announced her retirement from music to pursue other opportunities.

Form an orderly queue ladies...

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