Saturday, 6 June 2009

How long before Mrs Smith goes to Washington?

All kneel before the mighty Ms Jolie. The prettier half of Brangelina has been bestowed the ultimate honour by being named as Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrity.

The permanently pouting cuckquean (seriously, look it up) earned the prestigious title thanks to a combination of earnings and media profile. It doesn't seem to matter that 80% of Angelina's coverage was either focused on her ever-expanding family or the fact that Jennifer Aniston can't seem to get through an interview without mentioning her. Still, Forbes felt that Angie's profile had remained high thanks to her "high-profile turns in hit films such as Wanted and Kung Fu Panda."

Shockwaves were felt throughout the world of people with little else to care about, as Angelina's coronation saw long-standing list leader Oprah Winfrey relegated to lady-in-waiting status. Despite the talk show, the charitable foundations, the magazine, the book club, the studio, the network and the $275 million pay-packet, even the queen of media can't compete with a bunch of tattoos, a hot husband and a Benetton brood.

Interestingly, Barack Obama becomes the first sitting President to make the list, although he must be smarting from coming in at number 49, five points below American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

Obama shouldn't feel too disheartened however, since it's not just earnings and media coverage that guarantees your place in the list. According to E!Online, editors at Forbes focus on people with projects to promote - and I don't support the Middle East peace process is the sort of project they have in mind. Furthermore, their source suggests that "...editors check the availability. They will not put someone at No. 1 who can't come to the list party."

It's said (by SpiderMan's Uncle Ben) that with great power comes great responsibility. Let's hope Angelina weilds hers wisely.

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