Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Gaily Mail Part Two

Following on from my previous post, I wanted to touch upon another article in the Daily Mail this week.

It seems that the great enemy of Middle England, the PC police, has its knives out for people who want to indulge in a little harmless harrassment or bullying. That's right, the bleeding hearts don't want you screaming hateful invective across the street or harrassing someone out of their job.

Obviously this upsets the Daily Mail, presumably because half of its content would be reclassified as illegal. So they did what any defensive and misleading publication would do under the circumstances - they commissioned a Gay to write an article speaking out against the legislation. In an act of surreal self-denial worthy of Jews for Jesus, Christopher Biggins has penned a thought-provoking piece in defense of homophobia. And he must be mad because he treats homophobia with the contempt it deserves, by placing it in air-quotes.

In a diatribe peppered with phrases like 'regime' and 'brave dissidents' (shit, now I'm doing it...) he spectacularly misses the point again and again. He uses misleading examples of gay-influenced humour and even manages to invoke the credit crunch as reasons not to stifle our most talented comedic icons. Jim Davidson must be firing up Windows 95 as we speak.

Now, if one was to challenge the Mail on this hopeless piece of word-fartery, they'd no doubt scream (in a really shrill voice) that this is the voice of the gay majority. Except it's not really. Biggins lived 80% of his life in the closet, denying his true self and misleading the public about his life. But embiggened by the advances that other people made (not to mention the sacrifices that went with them), he felt he could safely come out of the closet in his silver years and act like he'd been here all along.

Well I'm sorry Christopher, but people who arrive late for dinner don't get to choose the menu for everyone else.

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