Friday, 13 March 2009


The pop world is all about triumphant returns. Kelly Clarkson is currently riding high on the crest of a comeback that would have Lazarus jealously complaining to his agent. But there's another recent comeback that's got me even more excited. Let's hear it for Alcazar, or at least, the half of Alcazar that remains. The fact is, their current line up is exactly what was needed, if their current Melodifestivalen entry is anything to go by.
It's easy to forget that Alcazar have only actually released two albums, they seem much more prolific than that. But two albums it is, although a third is just days away. If I'm really honest, their albums haven't been that great - a couple of fantastic singles, one or two quirky album tracks, and a whole lot of dull shit.
But then there's Stay The Night. Far and away their strongest melody, and a thumpingly good arrangement (Amii Stewart's on the phone - she wants her drums back), they sang the hell out of it and danced their little heinies off. If I'm honest, this is the one that ought to win tomorrow, simply because of how much they put into it.

Nice colour scheme too.

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