Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pop quiz hotshot

Who won this year's Big Brother? You know, that show on Channel 4? You used to watch it? Big house in Hertfordshire? Screeching woman standing outside in the rain? Nope, me neither.

Well anyway, apparently the victorious housemate was Sophie Reade. She's very blonde, and quite pretty in an 'advertising chatlines at midnight on a cable channel' kind of a way. Best of all, she's always happy to leave her bra drying on the radiator any time there's a chance of having her picture taken.

But the world of celebrity moves pretty quick, and if you want to remain in the glare of the flashbulbs, you need to be creative. Especially since this year's housemates were about as memorable as a KFC on the way home from an all-day drinking binge.

Thankfully, Sophie's the kind of girl who thinks on her heels, which is why the papers are full of pictures today of her and a friends swapping saliva in the street outside Movida.

Maybe she and her classy-looking pal are genuinely exploring the sapphic side of their sexuality, having read about Ellen DeGeneres declaring her undying love for Portia de Rossi in O: The Oprah Magazine

On the other hand, she may have been inspired by all the publicity generated by the latest episode of Gossip Girl, in which Hilary Duff, Jessica Szohr and Penn Badgely proved that three's more than just company. Their tripartite lip lock managed to increase the flagging show's ratings by twenty percent.

By that reckoning, Sophie can also expect to become twenty percent more famous thanks to her pavement pash. Which might even put her on a par with Joe Pasquale. Live the dream Sophie.

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