Monday, 2 November 2009

Laying the foundations

Great news everybody - it sounds like the days of credit crunchery are finally coming to an end. The banks are posting record profits, Ford is having its best year in half a decade, and Gordon Gekko is stalking Wall Street again. 

Best of all, it sounds like the housing market is finally starting to pick up, with celebrities first in line to pick out new properties, albeit for very different reasons.

Over in New York, Mary J Blige has opened a women's refuge, as an offshoot of her Foundation For the Advancement of Women Now, which she set up last year. Providing psychologists, doctors and day care to women in need, the refuge is open to people from all walks of life. 

Despite being so fierce that her handlers have to throw her half an antelope carcass every three days, Mary J has a softer side that sees her support a number of women's charities. 

As she tells it, "That's why I think as celebrities we're given this job... to be able to touch someone and say 'Me too', because they look up to us and look to us for help and guidance and want to be able to relate to us."

Sadly, this desire to use fame to help a good cause seems to be lost on p0pvulture regular Katie Price, who has also been talking about her own property plans. 

The gay divorcĂ©e has her wonky eye on a vast new property, although the only wronged woman who's likely to benefit from it is her. Talking up her ideas to OK! magazine, the tartrazine tart boasts: "I'm building a new home... It'll have a hair salon, beauty salon, stables, indoor and outdoor pools and a cross-country course. It's not going to be all pink. But it will have a pink flag on top."

As grotesque as this My Little Pony palace sounds, there's one consolation for whoever is unlucky enough to be her neighbour - Katie plans to turn into a recluse as soon as her time in the spotlight is done. Which could be sooner than she thinks. 

Apparently, Katie has promised to retire "when people are bored of me..." So I guess she should probably start stocking up on Werther's Original now. 

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