Sunday, 24 May 2009

Please have mercy...

Remember Liz Hurley? Plummy tart famous for a dress that looked half-finished and a wedding programme so lavish it made Mariah Carey look like Sister Wendy. She's been speaking to the press this week, saying she misses her 'old career'. Anyone?

If you're racking your brain to figure out what it is she ever did, other than give birth to a brobdingnagian baby or look doe-eyed when long-time boyfriend Hugh Grant got a blowie from a hooker, I'm sure you're not alone.

Apparently, Liz's long-lost career is that of 'actress'. She says "I really miss it. I decided I couldn't do movies for a while, which was a huge decision for me because I actually love making movies more than anything." I'm not so sure that everyone else was so keen, but there you go. It turns out that her absence from the silver screen was because she didn't want to take her son Damian out of school.

It's not all bad news though. Liz promises that "...if a great movie came up in the school holidays, I'd take it like a shot!" Well, I think that's a good enough argument for educational reform to eradicate holidays altogether. Still, if it means we can look forward to a belated sequel to modern classic 'Passenger 57', it can't be all bad...

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