Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Something's burning

British firefighters have something of a love/hate relationship with the gay community. Whilst their uniform is long-standing favourite for many a stripper, a number of firefighters find 'community outreach' a little upsetting.

In 2006 nine firemen in Glasgow were disciplined for refusing to staff a 'fire safety' stand at a gay pride event - probably because they anticipated a day spent turning down requests to see their hose.

With this in mind, Hertfordshire County Council is hosting a conference called 'Looking Out, Looking In' designed to look at the dangers faced by the homosexual, bisexual and transgender communities. According to a spokesperson for the council, the conference will "identify some of the risks they may face so that we can design our preventative measures to meet their needs and ensure their safety".

All very noble - after all, I'm sure it's no coincidence that gay men are called 'flamers' in the US. Unsurprisingly, the firefighters of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex are dubious about the conference, with one anonymous Richard Littlejohn fan simply commenting "You couldn't make it up." They may scoff, but let's not forget that amyl nitrate is dangerously flammable.

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