Tuesday, 27 July 2010

It's just a Tweet for help

Reality TV fans the world over are flicking through their EPGs hoping to find a replacement for The Hills, which finished its six-season run run last week. Audiences were left shocked by the final scene, which pulled the cameras back to reveal that the show's characters were performing on a soundstage, rather than out in the real world.

According to the show's creator, Adam DiVello, the last shot was devised as "a nod to how much work goes into making it feel like a scripted show." But not everyone's taken it that way, with many believing that this was a final-act reveal that the show was more rehearsed than anyone had realised.

Several cast members have added to the conspiracy by speaking out about how staged the show was, and that much of the animosity between the 'characters' was staged for the cameras. Unfortunately, it seems as though someone forgot to tell Spencer Pratt.

Long established as the show's villain, Heidi Montag's estranged husband seems to have confused the role he played on the show with real life, and has subsequently turned his own life into a kind of surreal piece of performance art. You know, like James Franco, but without the thesis at the end of it.

Described on Wikipedia as 'Reality television personality and part time rapper', the self-confessed fame whore has struggled to adjust to life after fame. His wife may have undergone a whole Joan Rivers-worth of surgery in a single day, but she seems happy to distance herself from the world of celebrity. Spencer, on the other hand, is choosing to leave sanity behind instead.

He recently relaunched his website kingspencer.com, in the process pronouncing himself "creator and writer of one of the most famous websites in the world". Spencer's posts range from idle speculation (Bradley Cooper relationship w Renee Z is a sham... He's gay!) to downright defamatory (Brody Jenner likes to choke girls when he has sex w/ them). But they're all written with all the clarity and focus of Peter Greenaway's doodle pad.

Spencer's tweets aren't much better. There's something desperately delusional about someone who will publicly send a message to MTV saying "It's pilot week over at the network. I know I didn't have time to submit my pilot so I hope you are thinking of me when buying projects." Failing that, he also offers such telling insights as "being alive is so cool" and "having no friends makes life super easy".

Having already attempted to crash The Hills' wrap party disguised as Robinson Crusoe's unkempt flatmate, it seems as though Spencer is having something of a meltdown. Unfortunately, because he's fogged the boundaries between reality and perfomance, it might be that these cries for help will go unheeded. Then again, when the only thing you crave is an audience, would that be such a bad thing?

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