Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Don't be a player hater

The designers of Need For Speed and Gran Turismo will be busy developing a new curb-crawling option, with the news that the world's oldest profession has been given a 21st century makeover for the gaming generation.

Aimed at teenage boys with callused hands and overworked joysticks, exciting new online service GameCrush offers users access to a wide variety of 'attractive females' willing to accompany them for ten minutes on Xbox Live.

Now they can spend hours locked away in their darkened room, playing Halo or Modern Warfare 2, safe in the knowledge that they're developing their social skills with the opposite sex.

'Players' (as the site's users are called) are able to browse the archive of 'PlayDates' and can choose their preferred companions, provided they're willing to pay around $8 for the privilege. To help gamers choose their Soul Calibur-mate, the girls have uploaded flattering pictures and a list of their 'turn ons', which presumably include pasty skin and unwashed hair.

If the play date is a success, users of the service even have the option of leaving a tip at the end of the session. Which is a little like leaving a bundle of Linden dollars on the night-stand.

In a world where the consumer is king, it's nice that 'players' can also rate the service they experienced. How long will it be before real world escorts feel compelled to adopt a similar approach? Look for user reviews grafitti'd onto a street corner near you.

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